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South Shore Pottery Shop will be closing it's doors, in Abington, on October 31, 2022.We will become a mobile stud​io and no longer have our Abington location. If you have an event scheduled, they are still scheduled and will take place.

We will continue our off site, after school programs, "paint your own" nights and events, Salvage Angel co-op spaces in Norwood and festivals. The last day to paint in studio will be Sunday, October 16th.

This date may change based on inventory and kiln availability.

We are looking forward to our next chapter. 

Our book is not closed, we are just turning the page.

I would like to thank everyone for your 13 years of support, laughter, friendship and memories! - Deanna


Mon. Closed, Tues. 10-4:30

Wed, Thurs, Fri. 10-9 (If no painters we will close at 7:45)

Sat. 10-4:30, Sun. 12-5

Ladies Night - Thursday, Sept. 1st & Thursday, Oct. 6th at 6:30

September After School Art Class - starts Wed. 9-7 at 4:00

Order your custom house ornament for the holidays.

Last day to paint is Sunday, Oct. 16th, unless kiln space and inventory is limited, it may be sooner.

Visit us at Salvage Angel

Visit our 2 co-op spaces, at Salvage Angel,. Jewelry,  pillows,  hand painted items, bongs, pipes and kush apparel. 

Open Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. Our pipes and bongs are located across from the check out counter. Look for our sunset tapestry, also in the front of the store, to visit our second location.

Salvage Angel - 83 Morse Street, Norwood, MA

Paint Your Own Bong & Pipe Nights 

Upcoming Events

Please reach out, if you are a dispensary, and would like to collaborate our efforts to bring in new and existing customer, 

for a "Paint Your Own Bong and Pipe Night". Capitalize on additional sales by educating customers on new products, flower strains and edibles. Additionally you can host an employee appreciation night or choose to make this a team building opportunity. 

If you would like to expand this discussion, please reach out by emailing Deanna at [email protected]

We offer wholesale pricing if you choose to sell our hand-painted, one of a kind ceramic bongs, pipes and rolling trays at your store.