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What to do while you are are work?

What to do on those in between, in house and virtual school days?

A day of learning art, art history, drawing lessons, painting lessons, 

art related science projects and more.  Sign up for one day a week or four days.

Signing onto their Chromebooks is also an opion throughout the day,  

headphones recommended.

Afternoon instruction on art journaling will be taught. 

Art journaling is a wonderful avenue to keep a daily log about  emotions, 

well being, concerns and successes.  

With so much change and uncertainty in our world today, 

this is a perfect opportunity to release some anxiety thru art and discussion.

This program is designed for ages 7 and up. We will take 12 sign ups, per day.

Two workshop instructors will be in the studio, throughout the entire day. 

Please pack your childs breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks.  

Masks will be required unless they are seated. 

If they get up from their seat, they must wear a mask. 

Each child will have their own hand sanitizer on their table throughout the day. 

Each day their temperature will be taken as a precaution.

If you have any questions, you may email Deanna at [email protected]