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Girl Scout Badges - We'll Come To You!

South Shore Pottery Shop is pleased to participate in the tradition of earning Girl Scout Badges. We offer a two hour class that will enable each girl to receive her ceramic/pottery badge. Price is determined by the project that you choose.

Choose your location and we will be the class to you, outside or inside.

The two-hour class includes:

  • Learning how to pour a mold
  • Cleaning the green ware
  • Firing the green ware to bisque
  • Paints and techniques
  • Each girl paints her own piece
  • Glazing and firing the ceramic piece
  • Painting a piece picked out by your troop leader or canvas painting with step-by-step instruction.
  • Social distancing with your troop

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1209 Bedford Street (Rte 18) Abington, MA 02351


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